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CHE 376 / ME 376: Energy: Issues & Technology: Example

information sources, search techniques, tips, and supporting services


  • Compile a list of the recent publications of your advisor
  • Compile a list of publications from a particular lab, department, or research group at a particular institution
  • Find  both the paper and the electronic version of a particular journal; compare the contents of one issue in both formats
  • Search for publications on a topic that you are familiar with
    • look for different formats (book, article, patent, etc.)
    • compile a list of terms that directly relate to your topic
    • compile a list of terms that are related/tangential to your topic
    • re-do the same topic one week later and compare both your results and your technique
  • Find citations to an article written by Israel Wachs in 1999
  • Find patents by Israel Wachs; list any patents that may have referenced one of them