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New RefWorks

How to use RefWorks to organize, store, and share citations and generate bibliographies.

What is RefWorks?


RefWorks is a research management tool designed to help users store, organize, annotate, and share information sources by centrally managing all the resources you interact with over the course of a research project. Working on a dissertation, thesis, or long-term study? RefWorks can help you streamline your research process by creating a personal library of your resources, storing the full text of articles, and generating citations and bibliographies.

This guide will walk you through RefWorks' different functionalities -- use the navigation bar to the side to get directions on how to perform a task. Lehigh is currently transitioning to a newer version of RefWorks, and this guide will reflect the new interface. Depending on your RefWorks status, follow the directions below: 

  • If you use the old version at, go to "For Existing Users" in order to read directions to activate your account in new RefWorks.
  • If you currently have no account in RefWorks and need to create one, go to the "For New Users" section of this guide. 
  • If you have an account set up at, then you're all set! Use the guide navigation bar to make the most of your RefWorks experience in the new interface.