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Lehigh University Libraries - Library Guides

2016 JOUR/ES 125: Environment, the Public and the Mass Media: Class Assignment Resources

Using the Lehigh University Libraries


When using historical full-text databases it is important to conduct searches using the language and words that were in common use at the time the articles were written, for instance:
  •  use "extinction or extinct" as opposed to "endangered species"
  • "conservationist" rather than "ecologist or environmentalist"

Background Information Resources

Databases for Articles

The following are just a small sampling of the many library databases that the library makes available. Talk to a librarian to identify other possibly relevant databases.

Other useful guides

The following are only two of the many research guides that the library makes available. To see other subject approaches, go to the library homepage, upper right, and scroll through them.

Research Assistance

Lehigh's online catalog, and WorldCat

Interlibrary Loan