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Textbook alternatives from Lehigh Libraries

Lehigh Links

If you have articles you wish to have your class read, the libraries have a copyright-neutral solution:  Lehigh Links. This link never expires, connects directly to the article within Lehigh's digital library, and can easily be posted to Course Site. (While posting article PDFs to Coursesite is a valid way of sharing materials, use of Lehigh Links ensures that student use of your course materials is included in the library's collections usage data.)

Directions for capturing Lehigh Links for course readings:

  1. Find the article in a research database,  or search for the article using the Citation Linker.
  2. Click on the Lehigh Links icon (pictured below) beneath the article of interest in order to get to the article's full text.
  3. In the Lehigh Links menu, if Lehigh has access to the article, it will show "In electronic full text" with at least one link to a digital copy. Copy the URL that appears in the footer of the Lehigh Link menu, just below the phrase "Link this in your CourseSite course."
  4. Click the link at the bottom of the page
  5. Paste the Lehigh Link into your Coursesite course using the "URL" resource. 


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your subject librarian for assistance. 

Review Articles

"Review articles" can play an important role  as course reading assignments--or for students to use when they are doing research papers or projects. Such articles give a bird's eye view of the latest developments in a field or niche within a field. They can contain valuable bibliography.

The titles of these articles often have a more generic quality than the titles of  articles reporting very specific research findings. For example, compare these titles:

  • Current Approaches to Universal Vaccine Against Influenza Virus
  • Dual immunosensor based on methylene blue-electroadsorbed graphene oxide for rapid detection of the influenza A virus antigen

Contact your subject librarian for assistance in identifying review articles for your class.

Some databases, such as Web of Science or Medline, enable restriction of search results to "review" articles.

One source (among others!) of review articles is the following database, which is dedicated to this type of article. (Tip when using: sort the search results in descending date order so you see the most recent articles for your topic.)