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SciFinder-n Setup: SciFinder


Please follow the directions below very closely, that is step by step. Skipping a step could mean you will not gain access.

  1. First you need to register. Use this link, which will work either on or off-campus.
  2. You will receive an email with a confirmation link. Do not click on that link.
  3. Instead copy the following: and paste it into the URL line of a web browser.
  4. Next, copy the link from the email (including the https://) and paste it into the URL line after the = sign of the URL in step 3.
  5. Hit enter. You will then get a screen indicating that you are registered.
  6. You are now ready to use SciFinder Web. To do so, go to
    and enter the new login and password you created when you registered. (Off campus users may first see a screen asking for a Lehigh username and password.) After entering those, you will arrive at the SciFinder opening screen ("SciFinder...Part of the process").
  7. If you want to bookmark SciFinder, use this link:

NOTE: If you encounter any problems, please let Brian Simboli know immediately. Please provide the following information: nature of the problem, whether it was on or off campus and, if the latter, what Internet Service Provider you are using; time it occurred; operating system; web browser used.

Using ChemDraw with SciFinder

See the tab in this guide for "ChemOffice Pro", which includes ChemDraw. You can draw chemical structures or reactions and load them into SciFinder for searching in latter. See that tab for instructions about how to set up ChemDraw for this purpose; scroll down to "Using ChemDraw with SciFinder".

Training and Search Tips


To learn about using SciFinder go to

Help documentation is available after you open SciFinder.

Search Tips

  • Collaborate on searching with colleagues in your research group
  • If you generate a large answer set, then use Refine, Analyze and/or Categorize to filter and focus-in on items of interest
  • When performing a Substance Identifier search, enter more than one Substance Identifier (up to 25 may be entered)
  • Use the Quick Views (the small handheld magnifying glass icon) to preview information about references and substances.