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EES 90 Lands of the Midnight Sun Fall 2021

Introduction to this page

This webpage has resources that provide models and guidelines for creating narratives about the topic you choose.

Presentation tips video

Here is a very helpful video about doing presentations, including best practices for using Powerpoint as well as presentation techniques.

Creating Effective Presentations (materials assembled by Lehigh LIbrary and Technology Services staff members Jarret Brown and Holly Zakos ).

It's a good idea to add the sources you used to the final slide of your presentation Powerpoint. And/or you can add citations at the bottom of individual slides.

Storytelling with Data Visualization

You not only need to know the science behind a particular geological phenomenon well, but you also have to be able to explain it in an engaging, understandable way to an audience of non-scientists! Below are ways to approach this task from a storytelling perspective.

                                    Image by Coincidencity under CC BY 4.0                                                                                                     Image by Dan Hoffman

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