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Bios 401 Professional Skills for Graduate Students: Research Impact

Spring 2016, Prof. Schneider

How to Enhance Research Impact


One way to enhance research impact is to submit your work to a journal that has high impact in its field. From this site (Journal Citation Reports) you can retrieve journal impact factors. This is an imperfect measure of journal influence or impact, but widely known and used.


Another way to select a journal in which to publish: do a search in Web of Science about your topic to see where articles about your topic are often published. Publishing in those journals might provide exposure for your ideas to interested specialists.


  • Search on your topic, restrict to the last few years
  • Click on the "Analyze Results" button on upper right
  • On left, go to "Rank the records by this field" and select Source Titles
  • Select sort by record count
  • Click analyze to see frequency of publication in journals.

Of course, you will need to interpret the results and use other criteria in addition about where to publish. One good way is to talk to someone working in your field!


Think hard about finding a very informative title, and put a lot of work into writing the abstract. You need to capture the reader's interest in a very short period of time and set your paper apart from the mountains of other papers.

Once your paper gets published, put on a citation alert to see who is citing it. The purpose for doing this is to *network* with people who cite your paper and therefore share common interests. Networking can help to give your future research greater exposure.