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Lehigh University Libraries - Library Guides

Bios 401 Professional Skills for Graduate Students: Find Scholarly Articles

Spring 2016, Prof. Schneider

Search For A Specific Article

Use the Citation Linker to see if Lehigh has access to a specific article.

Interlibrary Loan

Use Interlibrary Loan to request a PDF of an article that isn't available at Lehigh or a scanned PDF of a print article that Lehigh owns. You will get an email when the article is ready for download.

Off Campus Access To Library Resources

Use Lehigh's Virtual Private Network (VPN)  to connect to library resources from off campus. Make sure to choose Library/International from the Group drop-down menu when you sign into the VPN. Learn more about the VPN.

(updated 7/24/2020)

Using popular news databases

Try searching the database below for newspaper articles about your topic.  This can be a way to identify research that is of interest to the public. Look for the researcher's name, and the journal that person published in. Then use one of the library databases to locate the full text of the original research article. (Limit to newspapers in below before run search.)

Article Databases

Below are relevant library bibliographic databases. See  science librarian if you are having trouble locating articles or for other questions.

IMPORTANT: learn how to locate review articles; these provide the bird's eye view of field and, if well done, will enable you to identify the most important current literature in your field.

Some tips about using Medline on Pubmed:

  • Use the link above, which is enabled with Lehigh's SFX links; these enable you to access full text or order an item via interlibrary loan.
  • You can limit to review articles
  • See the related citations feature to find similar articles.
  • See the "cited by" list (if present); these are articles that cite an article you like: great way to build bibliography!
  • Try clicking on the hyperlinks, within Pubmed records, for author names. This will bring up further literature written by an author.

Another database:  Annual Reviews is a set of journals that contain review articles. Make sure, after doing a search, to rank the results in descending order by date so that you avoid older review articles.

In Annual Reviews, the default search results sort often brings up older articles, so it can help to sort articles so the most recent ones appear at the top (that is, descending chronological order.)

Additional Databases