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Lehigh University Libraries - Library Guides

BIOS 251: Writing and Biological Sciences

Fall 2020

Hands-on assignment

Set up an ILLiad account

Go to ILLiad and do the one-time registration.

Then, do the following, using the resources that you find in this library guide.

Reference Resources

Find a website and apply the criteria to evaluate it that appear toward the bottom of the Reference Resources page in the "Evaluating Web Resources" box.

Find one encyclopedia resource  for your topic. [Tip: if you use eLS, and use he advanced search feature, make sure to "AND" in els to your search; otherwise, you may bring up lots of items that are not from ELS.]

Find an ebook that provides background information about your topic.

Web of Science

Find one scholarly article that is spot on for your paper topic.

Then find one article that cites that paper. The closer it matches the focus of the cited paper, the better. 

Finally, find one *review* article.


If you have time, try out a search using the "MeSH" search engine to bring up some search results. Look in the results for citing articles, plus how to restrict to review articles.