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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Getting Started

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

According to a 2015 Harvard Business Review article, entitled The Truth About CSR on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) "its main goal is to align a company's social and environmental activities with its business purpose and values. If in doing so CSR activities mitigate risks, enhance reputation, and contribute to business results, that is all to the good."

See the following link for additional articles on CSR from HBR


Before You Start Your Research

Researching corporate social responsibility can be a challenge. While there might be specific reports or resources that focus solely on the beneficence of a given corporation, often you will need to search for articles in one of the Lehigh University Libraries article databases and extract out specific information that will allow you to compile a more complete picture of a company's actions. Sometimes, for a particularly noteworthy company, there may be a book that takes a comprehensive look at that company's actions.

To best utilize this guide, navigate through a variety of resources that are grouped by type (article, book, etc.) using the tabs at the top of the page. If you have any trouble using any of these resources or finding exactly what you need, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. My contact information is on the right of this page.


Thank you to Rutgers University Libraries and Business Librarian Roberta Tipton for sharing much of the information contained within this library guide.

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