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Bios 90 Your Brain in the News FALL 2020

Class Hands-On Assignment

Prof. Swann provided you with news articles about neuroscience themes. 

During the class exercise, please do the following in relation to the news article from above that your group is working on. By the way: not now, but later, set up an ILLiad account.


Glance very quickly through the tutorials page of this library guide. You won't be using them now, but may find them useful later in the class.


Review the background information page of this library guide. Then find some background information sources to understand more about your group's project.


Use Web of Science (WOS) to find two scholarly articles about your topic. Try to use citing/cited searching to find them. That is, find a paper you like, then find one published later in time that cites it. NOTE: if the news article you selected from the link Prof. Swann provided mentions a scholarly article, find that article and then use keywords from its title or abstracts to do your WOS searching. If you don't see mention of a scholarly article, then use keywords from the news article to do your searching.


Review articles are important source of background information about a field. Such articles give a bird's eye view of the latest developments in a field or niche within a field. The titles of these articles often have a more generic quality than the titles of articles reporting very specific research findings.They can contain valuable bibliography.

Find a review article using WOS. On your search results from your WOS search from above, look on the left side under "Document Types" to limit the article to "Review articles".

Then use Annual Reviews to find a review article. Run your search, then sort the items by date descending. If you don't, you may get older review articles at the top of your search results. Your focus should be on finding a recent review article.

NOTE: Off Campus Access To Library Resources:  Use the VPN  to connect to library resources from off campus. Make sure to choose Library Resources from the Group drop-down menu when you sign in to the VPN.  Learn more about the VPN.

After the class, your or your group can contact Brian Simboli with any questions as you do your research and writing for the class. See the tutorials after the class if you need a refresher.