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Research Data Management Services at Lehigh

Enhancing Access to Your Research Data

There has been a movement to support "open data" that parallels efforts to make journal articles "open access". Making your data publicly accessible is a service to other researchers. Doing so can help others replicate your results, or enhance your research impact, or even give your research greater credibility. Also see the page on "Open Data" in this guide.

You may want to mention the Lehigh Preserve or a research data repository (see below) if you are submitting a data management plan for a grant application. See page titled "Data Management Plans" in this guide for more information.

Lehigh Preserve

Lehigh Preserve is an archival repository of completed scholarly output and finalized research data sets. Lehigh faculty, students,  and staff can use Lehigh Preserve to:

  • publish finalized metadata about research data sets that point to data sets hosted either: in Lehigh Preserve or on Lehigh servers;
  • mount versions of your published articles for which you have retained the copyright, as well as associated metadata for data sets;
  • publish open access versions of their dissertations or theses, with supplemental files that can include data sets.

Advantages of using Lehigh Preserve:

  • Enhances the visibility of, and access to, your published research, including journal papers and associated research data
  • Provides ability to collect and track usage metrics for your datasets and scholarly articles
  • Availability of Lehigh Preserve can be mentioned in grant proposals as a data management solution

For assistance, contact the Research Data Management Team.

Other data repositories

Data repositories outside Lehigh

Some resources that will help you identify data repositories where you can make your data to available to other researchers:

Available via Lehigh subscription: ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research)

If you are in the social sciences, consider placing your data in ICPSR. ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research) is the world's largest archive of computer-readable social science data. Go to the library database list for access. As a member institution, Lehigh faculty and students have direct and free access to download data. The data resources include but are not limited to surveys of values, attitudes, health, race and religion, political exit polls and voting behavior, data on crime, and consumer income.