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Data Life Cycle

Understanding the "data life cycle" helps you think systematically about data issues relevant to your research.

Some resources from UC San Diego:

Other resources:

Below are resources that can you address aspects of the data life cycle.

Data Entry and Metadata

Data Security

Data security is another major concern for researchers. Data security protects data from unauthorized access, use, change, disclosure, and destruction. Data that contains personal information or mission-critical information will require additional attention and protection.

For more information, contact Keith Hartranft, Chief Information Security Officer.

To follow best practices in data security, researchers should address each of the following issues:

  • physical security (i.e., secure access to physical sites housing data storage media such as computers or servers)
  • network security (i.e., secure networks and systems of computers or servers and other data storage media by using password authorization, antivirus softwares, etc.)
  • file security (i.e., secure files storing sensitive data with encryption techniques)

References: Harvey, D. R. (2010). Digital curation: A how-to-do-it manual. Facet. pp. 181-198.

Data Analysis

Resources for analyzing your data:

For assistance in identifying or using software useful for analyzing your data, contact the help desk .  

How to Cite Data; Copyright and Licensing Issues