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Writing Tool and Samples

Many grant funding agencies require Data Management Plans ("DMPs")  as part of the grant application process. The processing of writing a DMP helps you think about the data life cycle as it applies to your project. (See "Other Data Related Resources" for information about the data life cycle.)

Below are some tools for writing a DMP. 

A common question is whether grant applications will be rejected because of a DMP. To see one discussion, go the STS-L archive, and look for the thread of messages with the subject header "Grant rejections due to DMP", starting on 11/03/2015. (Scroll down on this link.)

In your data management plan you may want to mention a repository in which you will deposit your data; for this, see the Lehigh Preserve and Data Repositories page in this guide.

For assistance with DMP's and any of the topics below, please contact the Research Data Management Team.