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EES 90: "Volcanoes and the Ring of Fire": Getting Started

Fall 2015, Professor Bebout

Finding Background Information

This guide is intended to support EES 90: Volcanoes and the Ring of Fire.

If you need some background information about volcanoes and geological terms you might encounter in your research, here are a few resources. Also, check with a librarian!   They're available to help you with any aspect of your research.

USGS: Ring of Fire


"Volcanic arcs and oceanic trenches partly encircling the Pacific Basin form the so-called Ring of Fire, a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The trenches are shown in blue-green. The volcanic island arcs, although not labelled, are parallel to, and always landward of, the trenches. For example, the island arc associated with the Aleutian Trench is represented by the long chain of volcanoes that make up the Aleutian Islands. " Text and image from USGS.