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eBrary: iOS and Android Devices

How to download and read books from eBrary, an electronic book database, on different devices.

Set Up for Android and iOS Use

1) Create an eBrary login.

Click on "Sign In" and enter your Lehigh credentials. Next, click on "My Settings" and follow eBrary's instructions to set up an account and connect your device. Do not use the Facebook option.

2) Create an Adobe login.

Go to and create an Adobe account.

3) Download the eBrary app to your mobile device.

Download the Android app

Download the iOS app

4) Open the app and sign in with your eBrary and Adobe logins.

Need Help?

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Tips and Tricks

Downloading books from eBrary is different from buying books from an online bookstore. This guide will help you set up eBrary on your device or computer.

Note: eBrary downloads are designed for use on personal computers/devices only. Annotations made in eBrary using Adobe Digital Editions are not permanent.

For tips, check out these links: