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Library and Technology Services (LTS) Info for CBE Grad. Students: Computing Resources

This guide is intended for graduate students in the College of Business & Economics at Lehigh University.

Public Computer Sites

Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise, lots of pre-installed software including: MS Office Suite, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, SSH for remote logins, VLC, Matlab, and Acrobat Reader.

  • Additional software can be installed using the "Install Software" link on the desktop.

  • When computer powers on, you have the option to completely reload the software on the computer to restore to "out-of the box" condition. Prompt comes up at the beginning of the boot process, if you do nothing, computer will boot up as normal. Choosing refresh will remove any software that was installed in addition to the base image, so use caution when choosing this option.

  • Under "Computer", you will have access to your Network Drive (H:) which is 5 GB. This space is backed up on a daily basis and also contains a "Public" folder that can be used to share files with other Lehigh users. 

  • In addition to the 600+ PC's located in sites through campus, there are Macs in EWFM Library computing site and in the Digital Media Studio, and many high performance computing servers running Unix available through remote login.

Personal Computer Resources

If you have your own computer:

  • Many locations on campus have secure wireless access. Before you can access wireless on campus, you will need to set up your computer. Additional information about wireless on campus and setup instructions are available at the above link
  • WIRED - technical technical assistance — both on-site and at the WIRED desk — across a wide-variety of issues and complexity including: configuring operating systems, email programs, and web browsers; configuring and connecting to the Lehigh network (both wired and wireless networks), academic and administrative systems; removing viruses, malware, and other threats, backing up/restoring data, reformatting hard disks; assistance with mobile devices
  • Preparing and Securing your Computer for use at Lehigh 
  • All students are eligible for Microsoft Office 365 so do not purchase Microsoft software before reviewing this information!
    • You may download the full Microsoft Office suite for up to five Windows/Mac computers on one account. 
    • You may download select Office apps for up to five mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile). 
    • You have 1TB of Lehigh OneDrive storage space. 
  • Virus/Malware/Spyware Protection - We recommend that you download and use the combination of Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes. For additional information and links see : download the software 
  • If you want to print at a public site printer using your computer, you must first install the printer for PaperCut.
  • Become familiar with the other software that is available to you as a student! Don't buy any software (or hardware!) without first checking the software information page
  • Some campus resources are blocked from off-campus access unless you first launch the VPN (including access to your h: drive). For more information on the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client,

File sharing & storage

File Storage and Sharing - Always have more than one copy of a file!

  • Use the LAN drive (H:) - accessible from all public site computers, and your personal computer both on and off campus using the WIRED client. Use the public folder to share with anyone else at Lehigh (On Windows - Start Menu > All Programs > LU Public, browse to the account name of the person sharing the file, e.g. enter the "a" folder to see files shared by username abc111). 5GB total limit on the H: drive per person.
  • External hard drive or USB device

High Performance Computing