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MAT 101: Professional Development: How to Look

information sources, evaluating sources, searching techniques, obtaining publications, writing/citing tips

Search Techniques

The secret to good information gathering is organizing your thoughts. This is an iterative process. Start with an idea, think of some terms that describe it and what you want to do with it, then test those terms in an information source. As you learn more, you modify the original idea/plan.

Tips and Tricks for Searching

  • Look for review articles when you first break into research.
  • If you find one paper that you like, look for papers that cite it. Some databases provide a way to identify citing paper(s).
  • Try out the "related records" feature on Web of Science. That is, after doing a search, you can find other articles that share citations with the original paper.

For help with above, contact the Science Librarian (Acting Engineering Librarian). Contact information is in this guide.


Finding Terms

Evaluating Sources