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IPD Citation Style v3.0: Video

Use of the IPD citation style and RefWorks with examples


[29] Film/Video

Use the Video/DVD reference type for films and videos.

[29] ABC News Productions, "The Deep Dive - Part 1 of 3," Nightline, July 13, 1999. Available

  1. Use Title for the episode of a TV program. If this is a unique work (such as a move), use Title, Secondary.
  2. Use Pub Year: for the year and Pub Date Free Form: for the month/day.
  3. Use Producer for who owns or created the video.
  4. Use Title, Secondary for a unique video, such as a movie or documentary or for the TV program that showed the episode.
  5. Use URL for the web site that has the video, not for the company that owns it.