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RefWorks: Alumni use of RefWorks

How to use RefWorks to manage your citations and generate bibliographies.

Alumni Use of RefWorks

Alumni are entitled to continue using RefWorks after they leave Lehigh, even if they did not create a RefWorks account while enrolled at Lehigh University.

Please read over these notes if you wish to use RefWorks after graduating from Lehigh:

1. RefWorks access is assured as long as Lehigh maintains its subscription to RefWorks.

2. After graduating from Lehigh, please go to the Update Profile link to change your status for "Type of User" to alumni.

3. Only users having emails with domains and can have an account under Lehigh's subscription. You do not need to change the email address in your profile from to, but you can if you wish. (An advantage is that the library staff or RefWorks can contact you if necessary.) To set up an alum email, see Google Email for Alumni. Note that upon graduation, you will receive notification as to when the Lehigh email you had while at Lehigh will expire.

To change your email to an alumni one, and to change your status to alumni, go to the User Profile and make the changes there. The User Profile appears in the far upper right corner of the RefWorks screen you see after logging into RefWorks. See screenshots below.

If you have any questions, please contact a librarian.

Location of Update Profile Link

Profile page